Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Brew Vacation - Michigan July 2011

The last few weeks have included many great brews.  Trips to 3 Floyds, Founders, New Holland's, Right Brain, Jolly Pumpkin, North Peak, and Bells. Many great bottles andrafts. Here are some pictures.

This is Tim outside of 3 Floyds. One of the greatest places on earth.

3 Floyds take home

Founders brewing. Cashew Mountain Brown. Aged 287 days in Maple Bourbon Barrel.

Bells Eccentric Cafe. I believe that was the Honey wheat ale, which was incredible.

Jolly Pumpkin/North Peak Brewery, north of Traverse city, MI. That pizza is made with all fresh local ingredients and tasted delicious. That was a E.S. Bam - Extra Special Farmhouse Ale

Went to Right Brain brewery. That wads the owner Russell. 

This was the "spinal tapper", which was a very citrus, low bitterness pale ale. Loved it!

Last trip to Founders. Blushing Monk off the crew.

Home brewing the "Milknut Ipa" an homage to 2 great beers from 2 great breweries. The apacolyple cow and cashew mountain brown.  This homebrew includes 5 different hops that we bought at the bell'store. 3 different malts, 3 grains, 2lbs of lactose sugar added to primary along with 1lb of cashew nuts and 1/8th cup of oak chips. Picture below.

Not relate d to beer, went to see Fleet Foxes when they came to st. louis. Loved the show. Picture below